2022 in review - Moving up



I feel it's important to set goals every year and keep track of them to see how you are progressing. I have a few goals that I set for myself every year, some of which are personal and some of which are professional.


Buy a home ✅

  • Get pre-approval for mortgage ✅

We were so happy to buy a 3 bedroom home in 2022, we had been looking for a while and finally found a place that we loved. We are now in the process of renovating the house and making it our own.

Get a dog ✅

We welcomed Bax into our lives early 2022, he is a Golden Retriever mixed with a Poodle (Groodle) that just turned 1 years old. He is a very energetic dog and loves to play with his toys and go for walks.


Be promoted to Senior Staff Engineer ✅

Which I achieved by putting a case forward with my manager then promoted while at Hopin


Quit drinking for Feb ✅

Ok it's the shortest month but I wanted to try quitting drinking for a period of time

20 plasma donations ✅

I donate plasma fortnightly with the red cross, I have been doing this for a few years now and I still maintain is the easiest form of community service that exists, you sit in a chair, drink a milkshake and save someones life

Cycle 200 days ✅

I love cycling, I have am electric bike that I use to get to work and I also use it to go for rides on the weekend. I have been tracking my cycling on Strava / Apple Health and I managed to hit 200 days in 2022

Start weight training ✅

  • Do 10 sesions with friend to learn ✅
  • Sign up to gym ✅
  • Start 3+ day / week routine ✅

Although I have to force myself to go to the gym most times I really enjoy watching the numbers tick up over time of the weight gains

Video Games

I played a lot of great games this year, most of which are tracked on my true achievements page

My favourite games by far were:

  1. Tunic
  2. Nobody saves the world
  3. Vampire survivors
  4. Death loop (released on xbox in 2022)
  5. High on life

Books / Audiobooks

You can find my full list of books either on the bookshelf page or on goodreads

  1. Project Hail Mary - Andy Weir
  2. Yearbook - Seth Rogan
  3. Atomic Habits - James Clear
  4. Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
  5. Masters of Doom - David Kushner


I listen to far too many podcasts this year, in order for time spent

  1. The Bombcast
  2. This Week In Tech
  3. Today Explained
  4. Pivot
  5. The Prof G Pod