Sometimes I write long form articles about whatever I am currently working on, but be warned some of these may be a product of their time.

Reolink doorbell setup with Scrypted and Homekit

- scrypted, reolink, homekit, doorbell, camera, setup, onvif, rtmp, rtsp, hksv, poe

A guide on how to setup a Reolink doorbell with Scrypted and Homekit, also includes information on Proxmox LXC Scrypted container setup

2022 in review - Moving up

- 2022, GOTY, review, goals, media, games, movies, tv, books, music

I take a look back upon my 2022, the goals that I hit and favourite books, video games and podcasts of the year

My Digital Nomad Packing List

- digital, nomad, packing, luggage, southeast, asia, eurpoe

What I learnt to pack after nomadically traveling for 9 months across southeast asia and europe, including my backpack, clothes, tech and toiletries

My MacOS Shortcuts

- macos, shortcuts, short, cut

A list of common MacOS shortcuts I use constantly throughout my day that I originaly wrote up for my wife to help her get used to the MacOS ecosystem

Fake 'hand signed and scanned' PDFs in MacOS

- mac, os, fake, hand, signed, pdf, image, magic, imagemagick

Using imagemagick to make it look like a PDF has been printed then hand signed and scanned in MacOS by adding some random artifacts and tilting the page slightly

Bypass HSTS or EPKP error message in Chrome

- bypass, hsts, epkp, NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, chrome, debug

How bypass HSTS or EPKP error message in Chrome as you may need it for debugging locally by typing thisisunsafe on the error screen

8BitDo N30 Pro - iOS

- 8bitdo, n30, ios, delta, emulator, f30, iphone, controller, 8bit, ipad, n64, gba

How to use the 8BitDo N30 / F30 Pro controller with iOS by downgrading the firmware, a straightforward guide with links to sources

Conventional Commits

- conventional, commits, commitizen, quick, reference, committing, git

Conventional commits seems to be the way forward as it's an easy set of rules to remember that results in a far more structured commit history.

My MacOS Setup

- macos, setup, apps, mac, os, front, end, developer

My setup of everything on my home and work Macbooks, I keep this list to help me remember what I have installed and to help me set up new Macs

Understanding React Hooks

- reactjs, hooks, typescript, javascript

My process of learning of React Hooks and how to 'type' them using Typescript including some examples, overall a cheatsheet for myself

Why I use emoji in my commit messages

- code, emoji, git, commit

Using a rigid commit format with emoji means I limit myself to a commit per ‘thing’, it also allows me to parse my commits quickly.

UI Functional Testing Journey

- testing, cypress, test-cafe, nightwatch, cucumber, selenium

Which is the best Functional Testing tool? I took a look at Cypress, Test Cafe, Nightwatch as a replacement for CucumberJS and Selenium.

Blocking page navigation in ReactJS (React Router)

- message-media, reactjs, javascript

Tutorial on how to block page navigation in ReactJS (React Router) using Router and Browser based techniques, includes code examples and how to extend with Redux.