To keep track of all the projects, jobs and contracts I've worked over the last decade this page lists everything out chronologically

Principal Engineer (Front End)

ANZ · Full Time Mar 2023 - Present in Melbourne, Australia

Get to know your money with ANZ Plus. A new everyday banking service by ANZ with smart money management features.


  • Defining and leading implementation of the web architecture for the new plus.ANZ web platform
  • NextJS based React server components continuous deployment within a regulated environment
  • Mentoring and training developers of all skill levels in both technical and soft skills

Senior Front End Engineer

PricewaterhouseCoopers · Contract Mar 2021 - Oct 2021 in Melbourne, Australia

Digital transformation consulting


  • Frontend delivery of one of the highest scale throughput applications worldwide
  • Working within a highly secure environment to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the sensitive nature of the project
  • Maintaining risk compliance requirements of external dependancies


  • Directly working with vendors to spearhead accessibility delivery as described by major disability groups across Australia as "a giant leap forward for digital accessibility"
  • On time delivery of an extremely large and complex web based application backed by a CMS for instant updates
  • Delivered a high resilience application that experienced zero downtime against intensive periods of input spikes over a short timeframe

Senior Staff Engineer (Front End)

Hopin · Full Time Aug 2020 - Mar 2023 in Remote, Australia

Live online events platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world


  • At pace feature delivery in React while maintaining quality through a functional test platform
  • Leading the front end developer experience team to re-architect the front end application and deliver a common set of tooling and support processes
  • Mentoring and training developers of all skill levels in both technical and soft skills


  • Prototyping, writing then delivering a micro frontend framework and set of architecture in use by all Hopin Frontend engineers based on Module Federation in Webpack v5
  • Supporting high profile events like UN Congress, Techcrunch Disrupt and Amazon Exchange
  • Proposing, hiring, internally marketing and evolving the first developer experience department consisting of two teams with 12 multi-disciplined remote team members
  • Leading ideation, estimations and development of a WCAG AA accessibility initiative
  • Building and maintaining monorepo with a common set of build tools, CI workflows and processes including to increase developer throughput

Front End Platform Engineer

Attest · Contract Nov 2019 - Jun 2020 in London, United Kingdom

A worldwide market and brand intelligence platform


  • Re-architecting the front end application to enable scaling the engineering department
  • Technical and personal leadership across the Front End chapter
  • Coaching individuals and squads on best practice technology delivery


  • Creating a playbook to re-architect all VueJS applications toward a micro-frontend / functional testing approach
  • Building a mono-repo of a common set of tooling and processes including Eslint, Prettier, Jest, Typescript, Rollup, Stylelint, Conventional-changelog and Cypress.
  • Creating all tooling and process for a design to delivery storybook based component library
  • Running multiple internal talks on Technology Delivery, Agile concepts and Functional Testing
  • Increasing the front end chapter's delivery throughput by ~34%

Lead Front End Developer

Clearscore · Full Time Aug 2018 - Oct 2019 in London, United Kingdom

A rapidly growing FinTech aiming to change the way people manage their finances - starting with their credit score and report


  • Defining then executing the digital and administrative multi-market roll out plan
  • Managing a distributed cross functional team of 7 across the UK and India
  • Sourcing, recruiting and hiring multiple QA and Front End roles in India


  • Re-architecting the React / Redux (saga) application to use micro-frontends and functional testing
  • Rewrote all components to use 'hooks' after React 16.8 release causing ~35% smaller file sizes
  • Created a playbook for hiring and building cross functional engineering teams Internationally, executed in South Africa and India (has since been utilised in Australia after departure)
  • Consistently awarded end of quarter accolades, 2nd biggest technical contribution of the year

Lead UI Developer

Message Media · Contract Aug 2017 - Jul 2018 in Melbourne, Australia

Australia's largest business mobile messaging service provider


  • Scaling both the digital offering and development team


  • Re-architecting a deadlocked project to a React, Redux / NodeJS (Serverless) approach to allow for rapid and scalable development.
  • Recruiting an offsite team in Vietnam
  • Rebuilt production delivery pipelines to enable ~60% increase in throughput

Chief Technology Officer

En Masse · Full Time Apr 2016 - Aug 2017 in Melbourne, Australia

A behaviour change company delivering positive results in the field of mental health and wellbeing.


  • Architectural and development guidance whilst managing staff
  • Overall responsibility for creating and executing a digital strategy


  • Enabled delivery of multiple programmes of work for major clients like Victoria Police and Telstra
  • Identified then orchestrated strategic projects to automate a large number of manual processes freeing up to 40% of resources
  • Re-architected the companies main application to go from missing to exceeding all quarterly delivery targets
  • Successfully deploying an end to end solution based on the Serverless architecture stack
  • Recruitment and redeployment of staff to create a multidisciplinary workforce
  • Outsourcing the digital operations department for a 60% cost saving

Senior UI Developer

Sensis · Full Time May 2015 - Apr 2016 in Melbourne, Australia

A 'big data' marketing services company consisting of major brands like Yellow Pages, White Pages, TrueLocal, Whereis and Skip


  • Initially UI Development then re-assigned for business development and architecture


  • Delivered the 'customer account and billing' project under time and under budget in a bi-weekly agile scrum cadence with 100% code coverage
  • Implemented a continuous integration and deployment platform with a full functional testing suite reducing deployment risks
  • Defined, estimated and executed the new multi-million dollar 'Content Editing' project

Senior UI Developer

Target Australia · Full Time Nov 2014 - May 2015 in Melbourne, Australia

An iconic high street retailer


  • UI and UX development with key business stakeholders


  • Re-defined the companies consumer checkout flow causing an increase in sales utilising user tracking and multi-variant (A / B) testing techniques.
  • Researched then developed a digital clothing sizing solution causing a reduction in volumes of return
  • Defined communication platforms for remote workforce

UI Developer

Sportsbet · Full Time Dec 2012 - Nov 2014 in Melbourne, Australia

An online sports and racing betting agency


  • UI development and management in a highly regulated environment


  • Consistently overcoming technical hurdles of working with large live data sources and displaying them for web
  • Experience in team and project management, achieving multiple project deadlines
  • Awarded for excellence achieving 5/5 on business, peer reviewed and personal development plans

Web Designer / Developer

Niche · Full Time 2010 - Dec 2012 in Melbourne, Australia

Print and digital agency of major brands such as Macworld, Marketing Magazine, Architectural Review


  • Fast paced web design and development in a constantly changing environment


  • Maintaining and updating 12 separate high traffic websites without incident
  • Building of 6 major custom websites within a year
  • Ideation to launch of a white-labeled RSS reading application deployed for different brands