Over the years I have presented several talks in conferences, meetups and internal sessions. Here are some of my favourite ones

Introduction on enhancing developer productivity

- developer, productivity, git, aliases coding, with, callum, talk, lightning, mastery

A talk to convince you to spend an hour a week on enhancing your productivity

Back to the Future: What's New and Old About Server Components

- react, server, components, back, to, the, future, bttf, new, old, rsc, ssr, server side rendering, server components, react server components, react server side rendering, react server components vs server side rendering, react server components vs server component

A talk about what's new and old with react server components, we do a deep dive into how it works

Attacking the Frontend

- common, security, issues, xss, react, escape, hatches, encoding, urls, resource, dangerous

A lightning talk about common security issues in frontend applications going through XSS, React escape hatches, resource and encoding urls

Advanced Testing concepts

- advanced, testing, jest, react testing library, ordering queries, act, warning, async, rendering, sequence, diagram

A talk including async rendering in react testing library and how to order your queries for best results

Next 13 Server Components

- next, server, components, coding, with, callum, talk, lightning, session, client

A talk on the new Next 13 BETA Server Components feature and how to use them

Testing Frontend Applications

- testing, frontend, applications, functional, unit, jest, cypress, testing, trophy, talk, eslint, prettier, react testing library, hooks, react,Blackduck, twistlock, sonarqube

Basics of tooling, best practices and how to get started testing frontend applications

Automating Design Review with Visual Regression

- presentation, talk, percy, design, review, visual, regression

How to utilise visual regression testing to automate design review (UAT) within your organisation, a talk that was given during 2020 at VueJS London

How to get product owners to write your functional tests

- cucumber, cypress, given, when, then, tdd, bdd, product, owners, functional, testing

Leveraging Cucumber with Cypress and the structure needed to allow your product owners to write your functional tests